Hello Zimbo

Welcome to that blog with everything thats worrying you. Yep, whats happening to our land. Join me as we unveil the happenings of our land, let me be clear here before going any further, I am not a whistle blower, i am just another social commentator. I comment on news making the headlines thats freaking most Zimbos.

I am also a very patriotic Zimbabwean, usadhibhe! I love this land of many wonders, its just awesome to be a Zimbabwean. Just like any other country we also have problems, some make sense, yet some don’t even a bit, i think I am mostly interested with those that don’t, I mean, why would a country be running on decisions that don’t make sense. You can ask councilors of the capital city of Zimbabwe what they needed the iPads for when they ain’t taking care of the many potholes on our streets. Ohh I miss seeing those garbage collectors, the streets are now unlikeable with all those garbage now being thrown everywhere… Lets solve this first please!!!